What can you do with Sportsa for your Team?

Team Features

Auto Roster FREE

Automatically adds the teams active season roster to the event, game, practice, tournament, or competition

Calendars FREE

We make it easy to keep up-to-date with events - there's an event ticker when you access your dashboard, a list of upcoming events, an online calendar, and links to subscribe to so you can add your events to iCal / Google Calendar / Outlook. If you, a team, league, or organization upgraded to PREMIUM - then you'll receive SMS notifications of any upcoming events and you can quickly and easily mark yourself as attending

Create Games & Events FREE

Create pre-season, season, tournament & play-off games. Create other events and send invites, or make events open for anyone to join for free, or pay to join

Create Rosters FREE

Add players, spares & goalies to teams, assign jersey numbers, check-in & check-out players, exempt from responsibilities, preferred position, player numbers

Create Teams FREE

Add team logos, team cover photos, home & away jersey colours, administer players and team managers

Discussion Circles FREE

Circles are discussion groups of posts that are focused around a specific theme, it could be NHL or NFL news, your team news, anything that relates to the sports you're interested in

Integrated Players FREE

Fully integrated players, see individual stats, team stats, and league stats

Integrated Team Management FREE

Fully integrated team management, team managers can manage rosters, receive payments, send text notifications, sign documents, league stats. No need for third-party apps.

Teams FREE

Start your own Team with our Premium Team manager, create advanced events, notify your roster with SMS event reminders, have your team members sign in and out of events with a simply text message, create seasons, track and record your team stats, upload photos and videos. For more on Premium Teams see the TEAMS plans

Post things of interest FREE

You can post things of interest - it can be links to other sites, news, reviews and we'll show a snippet of information, you can ask questions in focused discussion circles, if you're a premium member you can post photos and videos

Share FREE

Share links to websites and see rich formatting of posts with external images or videos using OpenGraph tags - share and post for free on your profile

Social FREE

Including powerful Sportsa social media functionality, users can contribute, share, vote, comment and discuss - on posts, within dedicated Discussion Circles, or on events

Tight Integration FREE

Being one platform, there's super tight integration between players and members, teams, leagues, and organizations. Event cancelled? Then all the team will be notified automatically. Player stats shown for leagues, are shown on their profile. When everything is in one place, it just makes it easier

Create Tournaments & Competitions PREMIUM ONLY

Create multiple types of tournaments: Knockout or elimination tournament. League or round robin tournament. Combination tournament. Challenge tournament. Manage scoring, knockouts, statistics, and rosters.


Create and manage documents, have teams and players sign online, make optional or mandatory. Use them for waivers, health forms, covid forms, create your own, or use our templates

Live Scorekeeper PREMIUM ONLY

Record scores for your games, track goals, assists, shots against, roster, & more depending upon your sport. Stats are collated against teams and players.


Send payment requests, track, receive and manage finances

Responsibility Randomizer PREMIUM ONLY

Don't know who should bring the beer? Then our Event Responsibility Randomizer (the ERR!), calculates who has brought drinks, food, equipment, or clothing the least and then randomly chooses a participant. You can exclude players from the randomizer.


Have people sign in and out of games and events in an instant, an SMS text message is sent out and attendees can respond with a Y or N to attend, or mark their absense


Upload photos & videos to share with team members, players, clients, and participants. Upload over 100 different filetypes and upto 100gb per account


Include events, statistics, tournaments, competitions, member profiles, and other fun widgets within your website with a simple call - API includes for Wordpress or custom websites