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A happy, satisfied customer is likely to return and/or tell others about the good experiences that they had when dealing with your company. Similarly, an unhappy customer is likely to spread the word—and probably to far more people than a satisfied customer.

1. Listen Carefully to Your Customers
You are unlikely to be able to help your customers effectively if you do not listen to what they are saying—and also what they are not saying, but may be implying in some way, or are carefully not mentioning. DMV ASAP say pay attention to their body language, and link what you are hearing to what you know about the business, and what other customers have said in the past. This will enable you to pull together your knowledge and ensure that you provide what the customer needs.

2. Smile at Your Customers, and Make Them Feel Welcome
Smiles are contagious – usually when you smile at somebody, they will smile back at you. DMV ASAP makes it almost impossible to fake a smile convincingly, so w