6:28am - 13 Nov 2020

Fall / Winter Season Updates

Government mandate for cohort for 4 teams in one bubble. Roster size is now 13 + goalie. Ice times start at 8:15PM+ up till 10:30PM. No 10:45PM or 11PM for Sept – Dec. Jan-Apr will be back at 10:30PM start times. First season is a gift wrap for us. Season will be split to align with CANLAN/ASHL. Sign in waiver sheet required for game day and will be checked at the entrance. Arrive 20 minutes before your game and leave 15 minutes after the game. No showers permitted. Cohort guidelines are set once the teams are placed. We will only tier if it is extremely necessary, but this will require a 2 week quarantine break if a new team enters the bubble. Sept 24th- Dec 20th – 11 Games + 2 Playoffs | Jan 2nd- Apr 10th 11 Games + 2 Playoffs (We have chosen to start later when COVID cases drop.) Playoff format will be pending. Some summer rules will be implemented as per national rule amendments. Those already playing in ASHL will know. This is still pending to change. As of right now, rules are the same as 5 on 5. One player in the penalty box at a time due to government covid social distancing guidelines. 2nd infraction will result in a penalty shot. Players are allowed to play on multiple teams. Body Checking and Body Contact in general will be looked at very closely. This is hockey, bumping and grinding WILL happen, but play the puck instead. Payments are divided into 2. $3,975 each season. $2000 deposit required for each season. $7950 full pay Let’s just have fun out there guys, we’re getting back into it. Stay safe and remember to respect other’s distances.