5:37am - Wed 03 Nov

The Lighthouse Witches

Creepy and confusing, The Lighthouse Witches is an excellent combination of thriller and witchcraft. Written by C.J. Cooke, the book follows a single mother named Liv who has been commissioned to paint a mural on a faraway Scottish island. She sees the opportunity as an excellent chance to start
5:33am - Wed 03 Nov
«The Wish» Audiobook -

From the world-famous author Nicholas Sparks comes yet another masterpiece, The Wish is a heart-wrenching story about loss and discovery. The novel starts in 1996 when everything changes with Maggie Dawes. At the age of sixteen, she was sent to live away with an aunt whom she barely knew.

She soon finds herself in a remote village in North Carolina and all she could think of while there were the family and friends she left behind. Fast forward to 2019 and Maggie has become a world-renowned photographer.

She runs a successful gallery in New York while traveling around the world, photographing exotic locations. However, her Christmas doesn’t come with good news. She receives a serious medical diagnosis and she becomes highly dependent on her assistant and finds herself falling in love with him.

As the season winds down, Maggie recounts another Christmas story to her assistant that took place
10:41pm - Tue 02 Nov


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