7:19am - Mon 26 Apr
Accounting jobs offer a good range of salary if you work in NZ but totally depending on the qualification and experience you possess. Entry-level employees without CPA/CA certification can earn up to $90000 a year while the senior level accountants can earn up to $202,000 a year. We are compiling a list of the pros and cons of opting for accounting as a career. Offers a Clear Career Path When you study accounting discipline, you mainly learn practical skills about everything numbers which include analysis of various costs that the employers need. This offers one a crystal clear path as compared to someone who specializes in domains like Language, arts or philosophy where the potential outcomes of the career are difficult to define. When you opt to study for an accounting degree, you will have a much clear idea of where the career will lead you. https://myjobspace.hatenablog.com/entry/a-complete-guide-to-accounting-as-a-career-in-new-zealand
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