9:35am - Mon 19 Apr
MVU Cloud Mining - Leading Cloud Mining Platform What is cloud mining? The usual steps of Bitcoin mining are "purchase mining machine - deploy mining machine - set mining machine - obtain income", but the deployment of miners is affected by many factors, such as electricity price, site, temperature, noise, operation and maintenance, etc. These barriers require certain conditions and knowledge to eliminate, thus giving birth to a sub-module of the mining industry - cloud mining. How to start on MVU cloud mining It’s very easy to start mining on mining. Just visit mvu.com, sign up at mvu.com, and then you will get a free 10M hashrates. Within the first 3 days, you can experience 150M hashrates before you buy, and you can set a payment binding wallet conveniently, so next time when you buy hashrates, you can pay directly. Advantages of MVU cloud mining Cloud mining can avoid the noise of self-purchased mining machine equipment; save electricity costs; no equipment costs, there is
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