12:17pm - Thu 15 Apr
How to choose a reliable cloud mining platform?-MVU Cloud Mining Cloud computing power refers to a product in which the mining machine's computing power is distributed and leased by the mine operator. "T" is the basic unit of cloud computing power. According to the computing power of Bitcoin's entire network, the digital currency output per T computing power per day can be calculated. After the digital currency is converted into legal currency, the revenue of cloud computing power miners is deducted. At present, the cloud computing power platforms that ordinary people are exposed to on the market are mixed. By grasping the following three points, you can basically judge whether this cloud computing platform is reliable. 1)First of all, it depends on the main body, mainly to judge whether the hash power platform actively discloses the operating subject behind the platform. You can also use enterprise background query software such as enterprise search to query the company back
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