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In recent years company registration has been simplified very much. Now, company registration can be done online without hiring an agent or a lawyer for company name registration in Australia.

‍There are two types of business undertakings in Australia: a company and a sole trader. Only a company can issue shares to investors whereas there is no limit on the number of investors with whom the individual traders can share their profits or losses. A company is identified with ‘PTY LTD’, which stands for Private limited Company; by contrast, Sole Trader’s business name is abbreviated as ‘PTY’ or ‘PTY LTD’.

It is necessary to file company registration first before doing business in Australia. You can either buy company registration online or offline. However, company registration made with the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC) is considered as the most authenticated and reliable company formation process; you will find it most h
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Australian Company Name Search is a must for any business or company looking to start or expand their business.

Company registration Australia will allow your business to be identified easily and improve the branding of your business.

Every Australian company, whether big companies with a lot of employees, small businesses with just a handful of staff, company formation agents in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth have all become more vigorous when it comes to protecting their brands from being stolen by other people who intend to use them without permission. To ensure that Australian company names are unique and not taken already, Australian company name search has been put in place so that an online database can be made available which contains all Australian company names for lookup purposes.

In fact there are several ways on how you can find Australian company names in the public domain. To begin with, Australian business name check can be done right her
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