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Mediation can be an attractive solution for both parties if negotiating an amicable divorce becomes counterproductive or if it turns out that the spouses in question will benefit from working together. A Healthy Divorce is committed to providing you with the latest information regarding estate planning, mediation, and family law. In addition, the mediator will also help with all administrative matters, such as filing divorce documents etc. If you are looking for Divorce Mediation in San Diego or family dispute resolution services, we can help.

The san diego mediation center can be a great idea if you and your spouse share a commitment to peacefully divorce or if you are willing to work together to end your marriage fairly and collectively. If you start mediation knowing that it could happen. Still, the mediator's role is to help you and your ex-partner overcome your differences and agree on a marriage settlement that you both can live with; you are likely to be satisfied.
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