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A Medicaid dental master is an expert who helps individuals with lower benefits who can't pay for their clinical benefits themselves. Paul Blank DDS is committed to improving the health and well-being of its members and their families and improving access to health services for minorities under-represented in oral health. We have an expert team of professionals dedicated to providing the personalized care you deserve. We strive to offer patients pleasant and stress-free dental care at a price that our patients can afford.

If you have had root canal treatment, you can also contact us to claim dental negligence. When you have completed your root canal therapy, your treatment protocol will be sent to your dentist for review. Root Canal Treatment in Three Rivers is the work of a dentist, which involves more than one appointment and follow-up. The procedure can take up to two visits to the dentist to determine whether you need root canal treatment, but if you do; the process can take only
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