One of the main causes that James Niu Wolfgramm has been involved with is Handicap Acceptance, Adult Literacy Programs. He has single-handedly helped fund Adult Literacy Programs renamed to NLS at over 1000 locations nationwide. The average Adult Literacy Program course consists of a series of 24 daily, three-hour classes. Courses are taught by volunteer instructors from the local community and often focus on improving basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills, as well as English language skills.
James Wolfgramm is a dedicated husband and father. His goal in life is to find ways to help children succeed in school. James Niu-Wolfgramm gives most of his wealth away in hopes of making a positive impact on his community and we want to honor him for it. There will be more detail in the next paragraph and you can read more information in the article provided in this research paper.
10:15am - Tue 23 Nov
James Niu Wolfgramm is a middle-age business entrepreneur and politician and has helped in developing many new and exciting innovations which can help in bringing greater opportunities for students in various fields of studies. He has shared his knowledge and expertise with other people in order to help them start their own businesses. During his free time, he loves playing basketball, tennis, and badminton.
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