6:00am - Tue 08 Jun
COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution: Greatest Logistics Challenge It has been one year and five months since the World Health Organization interrogated the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission regarding the rising “viral pneumonia” cases. In today’s people currently fighting against, the known virus is transmitted through the consumption of a specific animal (bat) by a Chinese individual, thus becoming a host for a newly discovered virus. Looking at WHO’s established COVID timeline, there are 800,000 daily cases worldwide. Currently (2021 May 13), there are 160 million cases, 95.5 million are recovered, and an estimated 3.32 million deaths. People have been suffering and struggling with the unfamiliar setup they are living in. After many trials and errors, three vaccines are authorised and most recommended: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson or Janssen. It is a scale problem—shipping and administering one vaccine to another person is not difficult, but delivering it
12:54am - Tue 08 Jun


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