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Do you know that the fastest-growing sector across the globe is FinTech? Still puzzled? Then go through the latest report from NASSCOM that has revealed a mind-blowing fact about FinTech application development. According to it, the given FinTech industry will soon touch profit worth $45 billion at an annual growth rate of 7.1%.

But thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, all the good work has boomeranged. Every industry is facing a survival crisis, and even FinTech has to bite to the dust. Now, the world is shifting its strategy from ‘recovery’ to ‘resurrect’ to overcome the challenges arising from the given pandemic. In such a scenario, the FinTech industry is not far behind.

Be it searching for investors for funding, adopting new innovative ideas, or going towards local or global expansion, every new and old FinTech app Development Company is struggling to stay afloat during the given crisis.

Furthermore, the most vital aspect of the given industry is providing the highest priority
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