In this tech-savvy world, when you are preparing for government jobs, you often get confused thinking which instrument will be used while taking your Hindi typing test, a typewriter or a computer. Although, there are no fixed patterns of typing tool a majority of authorities take the test on the computer. Therefore, it is more sensible for you to practice for your Hindi typing test on a computer. However, if you are well-versed with a typewriter and think you can score good marks using a type-writer, then you should not lose hope because some agencies allow the candidates to take the test on traditional machines. But, it is advised to you to cross-check before practicing. Unlike the English typing test, the Hindi typing test is more complicated, both grammatically and linguistically. Therefore, the font type for typing should be chosen wisely. Font makes a big difference in the outcome. Mangal and KrutiDev are the two most common fonts used for Hindi typing tests for Government jobs


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